Over to WordPress.com

This blog started on self-rolled software (deservedly lost), then moved to Movable Type, then to posterous.  As a result of Posterous’ untimely demise, it’s now hosted on WordPress.com, but under a domain name under my control.

Two quick notes.

1. It was reasonably easy to redirect the URIs of the old Movable Type instance of this blog to its new version.  Wouldn’t it be nice if posterous at least gave us a chance to keep old links intact?  Alas, none of that.

2. Why wordpress.com?  I originally looked for something self-hostable.  WordPress is reasonable blogging software, but sufficiently insecure that I don’t want to have to administer it. The paid, cloud-hosted service sounded like the right balance between ease of use, outsourced administration, and ability to just install the software myself and move on should I wish to.


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