Home tech: B&W airplay speakers suck at wifi.

I’ve had a Bowers & Wilkins A7 each in the kitchen and the bedroom for a while. They’re fine speakers, and the MacBook does a decent job streaming to them, synchronously.

The problem: Every once in a while, the wifi seems to go haywire while streaming music, leading to the odd violent break of a couple seconds — not what you want in the middle of, say, Beethoven’s string quartet #15. Also, the speakers seemed to lose the hang of connecting to the wireless network every once in a blue moon, to the tune of having to be power cycled or even factory reset.

Turns out my reasonably modern access point is apparently to blame: Bowers & Wilkins speakers don’t play nicely with networks that aren’t just 802.11g.

Setting up an ancient access point to build a secondary wifi network that’s just for the speakers seems to have solved all those problems, though — and I can finally enjoy the music without awkward interruptions.


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