Carthage: A Good Board Meeting.

Redemption Grace Period for .info: No discussion. Palage abstains; all others in favor. GNSO deletes: No discussion. Approved unanimously. GNSO Council seats: GNSO Council has asked for three reps; evolution and reform process had two representati…

Redemption Grace Period for .info: No discussion. Palage abstains; all others in favor.GNSO deletes: No discussion. Approved unanimously.GNSO Council seats: GNSO Council has asked for three reps; evolution and reform process had two representatives by the end of this meeting. If no action, GNSO has to name two candidates for council. No discussion. All in favor.RegistryPro, second level registrations: No discussion, approved unanimously.New gTLDs. Lots of whereases that outline what is to be done; no chance to take notes on these. President directed to begin expeditious and targeted development of strategy and policy leading to a streamlined process for the introduction of new TLDs; president directed to seek community input on this strategy; report on new TLD policy should be completed by September 30, 2004; implementation begin before December 31, 2004. Palage abstains; all others in favor. Cerf: Is Palage channeling Karl or Andy? Palage: Conflict of interest.New sTLD RFP: Board was hesitant at last meeting about doing sTLD round at same time with “generic” process. Lots of community input both via e-mail and in Carthage. Board has concluded that it should proceed. Open opportunity to apply in sTLD space; not limited to failed Y2k applicants; not limited to non-profit sponsors. Resolution: Open RFP no later than 15 December 2003; “limited number.” Have not picked number. Want to keep this from being out-of-control landslide. Upon completion of sTLD selection process, agreement reflecting commercial and technical terms shall be negotiated. Selection process and implementation for sTLDs shall be evaluated and results utilized in new gTLD process. Cerf moves; Chapin seconds.Discussion: Even while new TLD process runs, there might be results from it that have implications for sTLD contracts. Reasons for moving forward quickly. Keep in mind protection of registrant. Vote. Palage abstains, all others approve.IDN Committee changes. Close existing IDN committee and President’s IDN Registry Implementation Committee. Continue to participate and provide guidance on community’s work with objective to achieve coordinated implementation of IDN. Brief discussion. Accepted unanimously.Thanks to Masanobu Katoh who leaves the board today. Cerf moves. 17 seconds. “All those in favor please clap.” Katoh: On way back from Berlin meeting, wrote “ICANN is a place of anarchists. It’s a wild west.” Improved tremendously now. Can focus on substantive issues. When running for election in 2000, five key issues: Continue work of ICANN to make it more stable. Promote multilingual communications. Establish local ICANN supporting organizations. Formalize multilingual DNS. Have closed two committees today, but work not yet done. Last issue: Review election system. Three years ago, said ICANN can be 21st ctry model for intl organization dealing with technology and new economy. Bottom-up. Private-sector leadership. Good coordination with government. Don’t be too bureaucratic. Believe in ICANN. Believe ICANN can be that model. Good luck.Palage: Katoh demonstrates what direct at-large voting can put on the board.Proposed process to keep track of IDN restriction tables. Klensin: Original model comes out of work by joint team consisting of jpnic, twnic, cnnic, hknic. Working on languages and scripts which derive from Chinese characters. … Tables designed to be applied by a registry for a language. There might be different tables for the same language, depending on which registry you are using. IDN c’tees have proposed that ICANN ask IANA to create registry of these tables, so they can easily be accessed. Qian: Minor correction: Not HKNIC, but KRNIC. Most difficult variant table is the Chinese. Jointly done by CNNIC, TWNIC, HKNIC, MONIC (?); SGNIC doing some work. Klensin: Apologies, not enough sleep. Magnificant set of jobs done on the Chinese tables. Great harmony with which group managed to work. Hope that smaller, but more overlapping scripts which occur in Western alphabetic languages do not cause great deal more problems and confusion than harmony demonstrated for chinese characters and languages. Twomey: Instructions for staff working on IANA functions will be done by Monday.Katoh: Short report of Conflict of Interest committee. Not proposal for resolution. Discussed current CoI policy. Propose to review policy to include board liaisons. First reminder: Disclosures of potential conflicts by supporting organizations. Disclosure of conflicts that SO Council members might have. Second reminder for board members: Provide annual statement regarding conflict of interest issues. Tricia Drakes: Constructive input, cooperation from the community. Engagement of all sectors. Still work to be done on ccNSO. Deliver. Constructive Input! Chance that Katoh-san’s expectations can be achieved.Roberto Gaetano: Couple of words. Underline two resolultions passed today. Importance of what has been achieved with these — talking about new gTLDs. Strategically progressing in careful analysis of the situation for the expansion of domain name space with study. Recognize need for quick action. Board at the same time showing strategic thought in terms of medium-, long-term strategy, also attention to basic needs and provide quick solution in short term.Meeting adjourned.

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