Waiting for the Treo replacement

I’ve been a happy user of my Palm Treo 650 for quite a while, but — let’s face it — it’s starting to be old. Too bad that there doesn’t seem to be a device out there that has quite the edge over that old brick that would make me buy it.Here are the requirements that I’d like to see combined in one device, but can’t seem to find combined:

  • Decent full keyboard — anything that uses T9 and similar predictive technologies seems to deal badly with mixing languages. And yes, I type both German and English into my mobile.
  • 3G, please. I want to be able to use a single device in Europe, the US, and Japan. That’s not possible with either the Treo or the iPhone.
  • GPS and maps, please. I regularly use Google Maps for the Treo; a phone with a built-in GPS receiver would be great.
  • Decent web browser — neither Blazer nor Opera Mini really cuts it on the Teo.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, of course.
  • Third party applications.
  • Not bound to a particular carrier, and certainly not bound to a particular carrier’s more expensive contracts.
  • Smaller form factor. The Treo is quite heavy; I wouldn’t want the next one to be as heavy or thick.

Anybody know a device that fits the description?