Presentation styles (2)

In Presentation styles, I wrote about my first attempt at using Lessig style for a presentation.I’ve done it again since — once at the German anti-phishing symposion in Bochum (slides in German), where my point was that security technology can’t really work if it ignores the constraints and possibilities of an underlying platform (and where I talked about some of the work of the Web Security Context Working Group) –, and at a panel at W3C’s AC meeting in Banff, where our theme was what the failure modes are that keep security technology from getting deployed.For that last talk, I’ll admit that I was about to do a “normal” powerpoint-like presentation (but using slidy, Dave Raggett’s XHTML + Javascript based presentation tool for once; authoring Lessig-style with that one is actually an uphill battle). After a while, I gave up in frustration: Turns out that, once you’ve done that other presentation style for a short while, you don’t go back to standard powerpoints that easily. The talk actually went reasonably well.I still expect to go back to usual powerpoint style for the next two or three talks that I’ll need to prepare, though — simply because they’ll be much more like lectures in character than the recent talks have been.