A useless Agenda

ICANN comes to Luxembourg next week, and I’ll, of course, attend the conference.Not paying as much attention to ICANN matters as I used to, I looked at the published agenda page for that meeting today, to figure out what sessions will be interesting, what are the topics I should read more about, and generally, what the agenda will be.The experience was both frustrating and enlightening: Actually relying on the public meeting agenda, I don’t find out what the agenda is for the GNSO public forum, for the GNSO Council session, for the Public Forum, or for the Board session. I’m also not informed about the details of ALAC’s open meetings — apparently, there are some, but there’s, once again, no agenda published. (Or, at least, it’s not linked from the meeting page.)As far as the “At-Large European Meeting” on Sunday is concerned, I got an invitation, but no follow-up: I have no idea which organizations are going to be represented. There was no preparatory telephone conference. There were no preparatory discussions of the agenda.One of the very fundamental aspects of holding meaninful open meetings is that those who are going to participate have an idea of the agenda. With this ICANN meeting, they don’t get that idea.(I think I’ll make this comment at the Open Mike part of the Public Forum.)