Fedora Core 2

So I couldn’t resist, and upgraded my laptop to Fedora Core 2 — welcome to the better world of Linux 2.6, or so. (This is all on a Thinkpad R40, no dual-boot.)First of all, ACPI seems to work — until you attempt to suspend the laptop, which just doesn’t work (or, when done through the /proc interface, requires removal of the battery to restart the computer).So add “acpi=off” to the kernel’s command line, and reboot. APM works better than with FC1 in some areas — X11 doesn’t seem to crash the entire machine any more after suspend/resume! — and worse in others — IRDA doesn’t work after suspend/resume; I’m now trying to fix this by moving the serial driver to a separate module. As usual, USB drivers need to be removed from the kernel before putting the laptop to sleep.Overall, Fedora Core 2 by no means feels like a revolutionary improvement — some of the changes I had to make to FC1 to make it work smoothly are in this version; some other changes are needed.Later: The machine has crashed once, with symptoms that were quite similar to the X11 afterresume crash. So back to 16bpp for now. IrDA works nicely once the serial driver is moved out of the way.