Blogging Council Meetings.

In Carthage, I posted two blog items from the GNSO Council session in which I participated as the ALAC’s liaison.The first one announced that the Council had kicked off three WHOIS Task Forces; the second “covered” subsequent administrative decisions, and the council’s work on a resolution regarding the sTLD RFP.After the session, I had a discussion with several council members who had issues with this, and found my blogging activities inappropriate for various reasons.There are two main directions from which objections can come. One, blogging should never take priority over participating in the meeting, and it must not distract from focusing on council work. Two, an acting person is taking the journalist’s role and reporting about the council session, which is inherently a conflict of interest; also, the quality of the reporting suffers from the priorities an acting person has to set.With a little bit of distance to the Carthage Council meeting, I believe that the only way for me to take these objections into account is to refrain from blogging Council discussions. In the future, I’ll limit any real-time blogging from GNSO Council sessions to giving a terse account of resolutions adopted, to the extent time and attention permit.Later: I just notice that Amadeu Abril i Abril (who sat next to me on the council) has blogged some thoughts about the same debate.